The Grotto School


          The Grotto School is an education center currently serving students who have been diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Students (2 ½ – 8 yrs old) receive up to 32.5 hours per week of intensive 1:1 and small group instruction based on the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA) What is ABA? Each student has an individualized education program developed and implemented by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Associates, and Ancillary service providers.  Programs focus on teaching new skills that are developmentally appropriate and target a broad range of areas such as communication, sociability, self-help, play and leisure, motor development and academic skills.  These skills are taught by use of errorless teaching within a format that makes use of: discrete trials, incidental instruction, structured teaching, pivotal response training, shaping, prompt fading, and generalization.

     Progress is monitored on a daily basis using a data collection system that allows providers the opportunity to ensure that best practices are utilized at all times, based on each individual’s learning style. Interventions involve ongoing objective measurement of the learner’s progress.
 Providers frequently review information on the learner’s progress and use it to adjust procedures and goals as needed.
 The Clinical Director (BCBA, LPA) meets regularly with family members and program staff to plan ahead, review progress and make adjustments as needed.  Accountability of teaching practices is a hallmark value of the Grotto.

In addition to the 1:1 intensive educational program, the Grotto also focuses on offering many opportunities for mainstreaming Grotto students with Pre-K students at Immaculata Catholic School (located in the same building).  Some children acquire adequate skills to participate in the natural teaching environment with little or no additional support.  Other children learn many important skills, but still need additional support to succeed in the mainstream classroom.  Therefore, mainstreaming goals are made on an individualized basis. IMG_0320

Grotto School Calendar 2013-14

Interested in enrolling your child? Please print the Application for Grotto Admission, and mail or hand-deliver to:

St. Gerard House
620 Oakland St.
, Hendersonville, NC 28791

When we have openings in the Grotto, we will be in touch with families who have returned the application.

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